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Exhibition - Passion by Andrew Rafferty

9-12th March 2023

St Peter's Church, Preston Park

Passion presents fourteen scenes from the last days of Christ and sheds light on the tragic role of those around him.

Plotters who seek to bring others down; acts of treachery and betrayal; the anguish of being alone and isolated; abused by tormentors and those in power who fail to act; persecuted by enemies, and dying abandoned by friends.

Such was Christ's human ordeal and yet they are endured by so many people today that the exhibition is also the Passion of Everyman, where viewers might identify with the scenes from personal experience.

Radically, all the images are self-portraits and presented as life-size negative photographs. Taking inspiration from the Shroud of Turin the exhibition includes a 4 metre negative and completes the first photographic narrative of the Passion started by the Shroud’s unknown creators.

This uncompromising exhibition reinterprets and revisualises the Christian Passion for the 21st century.

“striking… innovative, clever and thought-provoking …a remarkable exhibition”

Tom Jeffreys (Review of 2010 exhibition)

“…imagine yourself in turn as each of the characters in the story…”

Rowena Loverance (Review of 2010 exhibition)

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