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The Churches Conservation Trust is the national body that cares for and preserves English churches of historic, architectural or archaelogical importance that are no longer needed for regular worship. It promotes public enjoyment of the churches and their use as an aducational resource.

Whatever the condition of the church when the Trust takes it over, its aim is, first and foremost, to put the building and its contents into a sound and secure condition as speedily as possible.  Then the church is repaired so that the church is welcoming to visitors and those who attend the public events or occasional services that may be held there (Trust churches are still consecrated). The Trust's objective is to keep the churches intact for the benefit of future generations, for local people and visitors alike to behold and enjoy.

There are over 330 Trust churches scattered widely through the length and breadth of England, in town and country, ranging from charmingly simple buildings in lovely settings to others of great richness and splendour; some are hard to find, all are worth the effort.

Many of the churches are open all year round, others have keyholders nearby; all are free. A notice regarding opening arrangements or keyholders will normally be found near the door.  Otherwise such information can be obtained direct from the Trust during office hours or from the website

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