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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the church open?

We rely on volunteers to be our keyholders, but aim to have the church open every day 10.30am - 3.30pm daily, and often longer in summer. 

The church maybe inaccessible if an event is booked.

Is St Peter's wheelchair accessible?

The path to the church is flat, if a little bumpy, and there is slight ramp down into the church itself. The only steps are up to the altar.

The paths around the churchyard are also flat, but again can be a little bumpy.

Can I have my wedding/baptism/funeral at St Peters?

Unfortunately, we currently cannot have religious services at the church.

Hiring the church for secular services can be done through the CCT.

See the Hire the Church page.

How do I find out what's on at the Church?

Events are posted in our news page and on Facebook.

How can I help the Churchyard Volunteers?

The volunteers are usually in the churchyard on Thursday mornings. Do pop along to meet them and help out!

Can I deposit ashes in the graveyard?

Unfortunately the graveyard is closed and no new burials can take place.  

If you already have a family tomb/stone in the graveyard, then it may be possible to deposit ashes in the same location, but this will need to be discussed with the vicar of St John's who are responsible for the graveyard.

Can I have a bench/memorial etc?

The situation is that when the CCT takes over the care of a church, it does not take over the churchyard.

Anything which changes the churchyard (eg. headstones), is under the control the local parish priest; in this case the incumbent of St. John’s, Knoyle Road.  

The maintenance of the churchyard is the responsibility of Brighton and Hove City Council, Parks and Gardens department.


If you want to install a new bench with a dedication plaque on it, and this was allowed, you would have to bear the cost, including maintenance.


You could contact the parish administrator at St. John’s, on 01273 553311; the office is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30am - 12noon,

She may not know, but she may be able to find out.

I was baptised/married in the church...How do I found out more?

We do not hold any parish records at the church anymore.

All have been deposited at The Keep.

You can see the list of records they hold here.

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