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Support St Peter's

Hundreds of churches have been demolished and lost forever. Thousands have been converted into houses and offices. No longer will the parish church be free to visit or play a part in community life.

St. Peter’s is protected due to the significance of the interior wall paintings and the fact the Church is more than 750 years old. It has been selected and is supported by the CCT because it is seen as historically significant.  This church is a hidden gem which can have a future and a special place in the community in a new role. This church building is maintained by the CCT and kept open by a small group of dedicated volunteers, but we always need funding to pay for the things that keep St Peter’s open and welcoming to visitors.

We need your help in supporting this church and in keeping it open as part of the local community.

We thank you for visiting and for any donation you can make to keep this beautiful and historic building open and available for the community.


There are a number of ways to donate to The Friends of St Peters:

Please drop what you can into the donation box on your next visit!

Click here to donate via Paypal.

Please make cheques payable to The Friends of St Peter’s and post to The Friend’s of St Peter’s, Membership Secretary, 22 Woodland Way, Brighton, BN1 8BA

You can direct transfer to our bank account: 

  • Account Name: Friends of St Peters Church Preston Park

  • Sort code: 40 14 01

  • Account number: 91419528

Your personal details will not be passed on to any third party.

Thanks for submitting!

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