In a small, wooded churchyard adjoining the 18th manor house, now part of Brighton Museums, this simple 13th century flint church makes a pleasing medieval contrast with its suburban surroundings.  


St Peters is notable mainly for the substantial area of 13th century wall paintings that survived a disastrous fire in 1906. The surviving three paintings depict the Nativity, the Martyrdom of St Thomas of Canterbury, and St Michael weighing souls.


Listed Grade 2*, St Peters remains a consecrated building in the care of The Churches Conservation Trust, which looks after over three hundred historically and architecturally important churches including seven in Sussex.


The Friends of St Peter's was formed in 2006 with the aim to support The Churches Conservation Trust in its care, preservation, maintenance and management of St Peter's.

Open every day 10.30am - 3.30pm daily, and often longer in summer.  The church maybe inaccessible if an event is booked.

Become a Friend and please help us keep this glorious building open!

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