If you have a Facebook account you can now keep track of what is happening at St Peters and find out easily about any up and coming events and special days.


There is also a link to some fantastic photographs by architectural photographer Andy Marshall.


There is a Like button on each page of this website which helps you let your friends know about St Peter's and its website.


Hopefully you will find both sites helpful and maybe even leave your own memories, comments or photos on our Facebook page.

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About us

New members are always welcome. Joining The Friends of St Peter's is easy and helps us care for such a lovely building.


The subscription is just £10 per year per household, renewable each October. To join, pick up a form from the church or download the form here.

Please note that the address for returning the forms has changed.  Please send your completed form to:


Membership Secretary

Friends of St Peters, Preston Park

22 Woodland Way