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Memory from Shirley Leach Nee Oliver

My father, Vic Oliver was church warden at St Peters and St John’s from the early 1960’s until the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. Bob Wady was the other church warden and I think he was also the scout master. I can vividly recall the vicar, cassock and surplus flying, having to run across the bowling green to get from St Peters to St John’s in time for the next service. Much to the amusement of motorists on the London Road.

I was married in St Peter’s in 1979 and my then husband was from a well known northern family. My main memory of the wedding was of the newspapers vying for the best place with the photographer from the Sunday Express standing on the alter to get a good photo for the next days paper much to the horror of guests and vicar alike.

Miss Roberts was then living at the Manor House and always attended church wearing a magnificent hat, usually pink.

Christmas Midnight mass was always a very special service when the church would be packed and we would share our pew, first on the right as you enter the church. I used to take turns pulling the bell rope with my brothers and my mother and I would usually be responsible for the flower arrangements.


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