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Conservation Diary - Week 6

Peter Walker, Hare & Humphreys Project Manager, reports that:

All the cleaning on the upper levels of the scaffolding has been completed (with the exception of the old varnish drips) and the damaged areas have been consolidated and filled, Touch ups to the painted decoration is also progressing well in these areas and will be completed by the start of next week. We also plan to remove the scaffolding next week so it will be nice to get more of an overall impression of how the cleaning has improved the chancel. We have also been continuing the cleaning of the walls on the ground floor level in preparation for conservation and repair of the damaged plaster which we also hope to start toward the end of next week.

Attached is a sequence of three images showing:

01 Cracked area with filling carried out

02 The same area cleaned up

03 Retouching of the paintwork started (but not finished)

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